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ScrapeBox Posting Tips

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#1 BlackSEO


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Napisano 30 wrzesień 2012 - 19:06

Set up the fast poster time out to 90 seconds. Make sure the list is random so not to overload the servers with multiple posts.

Update your "Slow and Manual Poster Blog Links" settings found in the settings menu. Max it out to 4096 KB. It is not documented but the Fast Poster also uses this setting.

To randomize the list, load it into harvester, select the blog analyzer add on, load the list from harvester into the analyzer, select shuffle, then save the list back to the harvester. I find this method much more successful over using the ScrapeBox option "Randomize Comment Poster Blogs List".

Try not to do more than 50 connections at a time unless you have a fast network connection with a fast machine. I use 100 on a dedicated 8 processor (2xquad) machine with a 100MB internet connection. The bots use 10 at a time on the same machine.

Break the list down to 75K to 100K entries at a time. Google "NotePad++" to cut and paste into multiple lists, this is the text editor I use.

Export failed entries from the Comment Poster and reload this list of failed entries into the harvester for a second run. You will normally find 25% or more of the entries are successful on a second try. Don't forget to shuffle this second list as well! A third run will result in even more successes, but the count is usually to low to make the time and effort worth while.

Don't trust the "failed" results in the bottom right column of ScrapeBox. ScrapeBox reports fails with 302 (redirect) errors on posting as well at 500 (server error) errors. There seems to be new plugins on blogs lately that report all posts as 404 (not found) errors even though the post was successful. I find that in most cases, the link is really posted. You can verify this for yourself by exporting the "failed entries" in the comment poster after fast posting and load this failed list back into ScrapeBox and Check Links.

Most important: Buy private proxies for a way higher posting success rate. Don't use the proxies sources built into scrapebox, most these are banned and black listed. Don't mix public and private proxies. I use with great success.

Best regards!

#2 xaxupi



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Napisano 30 wrzesień 2012 - 21:00

Mhmmm, w sumie nie wiedziałem z tym "failed entries" - dzięki :)

#3 abc123456


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Napisano 14 maj 2018 - 06:30


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